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Open Knowledge Viewer is not a management system that is focused information management that is used by many companies these days, but is implemented information Visualization that use information flexible as users' view and purpose. In other word, because Open Knowledge Viewer reflects these four components that information visualization needs: information structure, information reconstruction, information circulation, information revitalize, so even though huge amounts of information, it can help to make prompt situation judgment and correct intention decision.

Open Knowledge Viewer is a tool to connect people and DB implementing visualization by visualizing DB data into diverse pictures. Open Knowledge Viewer offers various type of visualization model such as a bar graph, tile, hit-map, network, radar, flower, grapes, dispersed type, etc. So users can choose as their purpose and visualize DB included digits or texts.
Open Knowledge Viewer

A screen is composed visually simple for users' convenient and separation and combination of screen are very useable. In addition, there is a useful function that you can analyze complex data quickly and easily in one screen because the relationship and the degree of association between data are represented together. Open Knowledge Viewer was developed with information structure theory in Japan and there are many practical use cases because of the convenience and information application ability.

Open Knowledge Viewer in ITEG can is able to apply various customer jobs. In other word, it can be used not only IT companies but also all job places that need to analysis and use the data like such as lavatories, schools, design companies, etc.

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