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DBA managing DB is responsible of stable operation of DB system. Therefore, the system monitoring, object management and Performance Tuning are the general jobs of DBA.
Object management is composed of mostly byhand and we need to execute SQL in order to find the relationship between objects. DBA has to do this simple job repetitively so they are taken too much time.

Moreover, collection and analysis of huge amounts of performance data are needed for performance tuning but it is difficult to expect quick performance improvement because it takes too much time to find non-standardized process or information about tuning.

XpertMon Admin, as a DB2 for z/OS management tool developed with ITEG's abundant experience and high level technology, offers various functions for efficient object management and prompt performance tuning.
XpertMon Admin Configuration
Though these various functions, XpertMon Admin aims to improve DBA's productivity epochally and developers' SQL programming and self-tuning ability cultivation. XpertMon Admin can remove developers' simple and repetitive job process because it is designed to connect all functions each other. Therefore, you can manage creation of DB2 object and DDL management, and tune into the best SQL quickly.
Function Detail Content Etc.
Catalog Navigation · Data Object : Storage Group, Tablespace, Table,…
· Program Object : Plan, Collection, Package
· Function & Authorization
Object administration
- DDL Generation
- Volume Data Information Etc.
· Open & Save : SQL, Results
SQL performance capability
(Windows environment)
Explain · Explain SQL & Get Access Pat
· Table & Index Information
· Statement Costs
Access Path and
SQL Tuning support capability
DB2 Command · Running DB2 Commands
· Saving the Commands
DB2 Command performance
capability (Windows environment)
Business SQL · Dynamic SQL Management
· Explain & Get Access Path
· SQL Statement & Costs
Access path collection and
governance capability of
dynamic SQL
Performance Report · Static SQL & Application
· PDynamic SQL
DB2PM & DB2QM Data

Also, XpertMon Admin has a self-PDW to collect and manage the performance data in the middle of DB2 for z/OS operation, so detailed performance analysis is possible. SQL problem found in performance analysis can be tuned immediately with Navigation. And with transition analysis, resource usage prediction is possible.
XpertMon Admin Configuration

XpertMon Admin supports not only performance management functions for Static SQL but also Dynamic SQL. This is a creative way that exceed the limits of Dynamic SQL that access path can't be known before execution. This function, named Business SQL, got a patent for recognized creation in ITEG at first in the world.

As a great tool of DB2 for z/OS management, XpertMon Admin will be the best choice to improve productivity of DBA and developer, and to decrease business TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) through the performance management.

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