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In order to operate system in business, continuous Performance Management is essential. Performance Administration should be composed of flexible and efficient processes with three parts performance inspection, performance data analysis and performance improvement. But efficient Performance administration is very difficult because of the complex system environment, huge performance data, lack of tuning skill and etc.

As a tool that is based on ITEG's great experiences and high level technology, XpertMon offers more efficient and easier Performance administration plan about DB2 for LUW system. XpertMon for DB2 LUW is composed with three component and these include all necessity of Performance administration. Also, each component connection function offers more flexible and efficient Performance administration processes.
Real-time Replication
XpertMon for DB2 LUW has a PDW that can help to manage real time-collected performance data at monitoring component in Report Component and detailed analysis becomes possible. In addition, Anytime Tuning is possible when connecting with Admin Component. Admin Component includes diverse functions such as Catalog Navigation, Explain, SQL Runner, and it can also improve productivity of DBA that is troubled with repetitive command and SQL execution.
Real-time &
· Real-time performance monitoring capabilities
· Point-in-time period, the performance monitoring capabilities
· System operation of the rapid recognition of the problem situation
· Understand and Support the cause of the Problem
· Hang the state of the System in the Situation
· Rapid Situation awareness through an intuitve GUI
Detail Analysis · Analysis capabilities of performance data
· Accumulation and management of performance data
· The performance analysis of the problem to a Point-in-time
· Identify problems and trend analysis capabilities
· Amount of used system forecasts
Anytime Tuning · Database and SQL tuning support
· Before SQL performance, during SQL performance or after SQL performance Tuning
· SQL statement extraction and access path search
· Easy search of catalog necessary for tuning
· Anytime Tuning support by feature linking

Each component of XpertMon for DB2 LUW includes diverse functions and can efficiently monitor latest DB2 for LUW. It can also monitor system and application at the same time, and can recognize an abnormal situation in system with an alert function.
XpertMon for DB2 LUW
XpertMon for DB2 LUW was acknowledged as an efficient and powerful Performance administration solution and got a GS(Good Software) certification, Performance administration function of Dynamic SQL (Business SQL) was acknowledged that ITEG invented first in the world so got a patent.

XpertMon for DB2 LUW, as developed first in this country and powerful DB2 Performance administration solution, is the best selection to increase productivity of DBA, system stabilization and decrease TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) with efficient Performance administration.
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GS (Good Software) Authentication
  Good Software Along with ISO international standard, exam functional SW, effciency, utility value, maintenance, transplantation,performance, interact application, linkage and suitability and give the confirmation.
Legalistic foundation - law of SW industry development No.13(quality confirmation), law of SW industry development an Enforcement Ordinance No.10(execution of quality confirmation) and execute Software quality confirmation standard (the Ministry of Information and Communication announcement.
No.2000-81, 10.31. 2000)